I, Claudius, Day Ten, Chapters 30-34

March 24, 2008

Chapters 30-34

Chapter 30

Claudius’s mother commits suicide. The unemotional goodbye. She really doesn’t have a motherly bone in her body, at least when it comes to him, does she?

Caligula tricks Macro and leads him to his death. You would think he’d have been more suspicious. But no.

Caligula’s goings on are quite awful. Taking women wherever he wants and killing them just because he can. He’s fond of having necks slashed. Drusilla is one that dies at his hands.

Putting a man to death for selling hot water.  Oh my.

You’ve got to love Calpurnia. Giving tips to Claudius on how to stay alive through Caligula’s regime. That and her wanting all her would-be gifts to be given in cash.

Caligula’s horse, Incitatus. He was made a citizen and a senator and nominated for the Consulship. Given a house and servants. A marble bedroom. Invited to dinner.

Chapter 31

Caligula with no money to spend is one really really really really dangerous man. (Not that he was tame before. But now he has more motive than just a passing whim to murder those both near and far.) Claudius has more than a few close calls in these last chapters. But he always manages to survive somehow.

Caligula turns pimp. Sets up his sisters  (and others maybe???) as prostitutes and turned the palace into a brothel. “It was not the last orgy of this sort at the Palace and thereafter Caligula made the senators who had attended the show bring their wives and daughters to assist Agrippinilla and Lesbia.”

Caligula goes to France.

Chapter 32

Troubles outside Rome–France? Germany? I don’t know quite where. But the crowds and soldiers are definitely hating him and wanting to revolt.

Return to Rome.

Claudius makes his third marriage, Messalina.

Chapter 33

One conspiracy after another after another. But one finally does succeed.

Chapter 34

Claudius is made  Emperor. He doesn’t want the job, but he does take it eventually. He’s happy that he’ll now be able to force people to read his histories.


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