I, Claudius, Day Nine, Chapters 27-29

March 21, 2008

Chapters 27-29

Chapter 27

“I could never thought it possible that I would miss Livia when she died.”

That one shocked me too. I didn’t expect to miss her. I didn’t really think it could get that much bloodier. That Livia (either directly or indirectly) was reigning Tiberius in on his evil ways.

It’s really really not safe to be alive and have even the teeniest tiniest bit of power, of wealth, of noble or royal blood.

Poor Gallus.

I will NOT be saying Poor Sejanus. But why couldn’t Tiberius be reasonable in his murderous rampages. Why was it necessary to kill every man, woman, and child who’d ever had a conversation with Sejanus.

“The only member of Sejanus’s family who escaped was his brother, and he escaped for the strange reason that he had publicly made fun of Tiberius’s baldness.” (366)

“About sixty senators, two hundred knights, and a thousand or more of the commons died at this time.” (366) (And the killing spree isn’t even over!)

“After a time Tiberius declared an amnesty. Nobody could now be tried for having been politically connected with Sejanus, and if anyone cared to go into mourning for him, remembering his noble deeds now that his evil ones had been fully punished, there would be no objection to this. A good many men did so, guessing that this was what Tiberius wanted, but they guessed wrong. They were soon on trial for their lives, faced with perfectly groundless charges, the commonest being incest. They were all executed.” (367)

Chapter 28

“Of the last five years of Tiberius’s reign the less told the better.”

But then he goes on to talk about them! Caligula is chosen as Tiberius’s successor. Tiberius dies. Finally.

Chapter 29

Caligula becomes emperor and over a period of time shows himself to be completely insane. Claudius is there to watch it all unfold. The incest of Caligula with his three sisters. And his hinted-at relations with one of his sister’s husbands. Yuck. Caligula’s proclamation that he is god and that he’s murdered several people…he really has lost it.


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