I, Claudius, Day Four, Chapters 11-13

March 10, 2008

Chapters 11-18

It just keeps getting better and better. Making for a very interactive reading experience. I get so flustered with the characters and want to shout at them.

Chapter 11– a lot of violence. too much for me to stomach. but it starts getting interesting when livia discovers that claudius is wanting to write a history of his father. she puts a stop to it of course. of course that just makes him more suspicious. now he’s almost certain that his grandmother is a murderer with too many secrets, too many crimes to keep hidden. the chapter also sees germanicus being sent off to war, and postumus being exiled for two rapes he didn’t commit. After posthumus reveals all to claudius, claudius is more certain than ever that livia is evil through and through and that she wouldn’t hesitate to kill even augustus himself should he get in her way.

Chapter 12

war war war war war war nothing fun here

chapter 13

what a good chapter this is. the incident of claudius doing a public reading and the knight breaking livia’s chair and “who’s been sitting in my chair” routine…funny. I don’t know that I could have recovered from the drama and melodrama either.

germanicus finds proof (enough proof to convince himself anyway) that postumus has been framed and set up by livia and her evil kindred spirits. germanicus goes to augustus and speaks to him about it. tells him that livia is a poisoner, a murderer. augustus tries to have a secret reunion with his grandson, postumus, but livia eventually hears about it. (what a tension-filled scene that was!) augustus is dying, ill, and he so knows that livia is a poisoner and can’t be trusted. he’s wary of her but he still doesn’t make it. then again he is really really old so who knows.


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  1. I had that thought too — that maybe Augustus just died, minus the poison. Then again, Livia is very crafty…

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