I, Claudius, Day Five, Chapters 14-16

March 12, 2008

Chapters 14-16

Augustus’ funeral. Augustus made a god. Livia is made his high priestess. Flashback to a sweet and tender Augustus. Okay tenderer moment. Augustus apologizes to Claudius for being such a jerky grandfather.  Augustus’ will is read. (Not his revised will which conveniently disappeared.) Postumus is left out. (The fake Postumus is killed at some point in these three chapters not sure which.) Tiberius has the kingdom, or two thirds of the kingdom at least.

Chapter 15

Discontent with the soldiers. Germanicus gets the spotlight for a change.

Chapter 16

Discontent with soldiers continues for a bit. Germanicus and family are highlighted. He has quite the bratty son. Very scary there at the end. Caligula seems like demon spawn. (Although that might be a tad harsh. I have a feeling he’ll be reckoned on the ‘bad’ side of the family tree. And the new one seems like a terror-in-the making as well. Claudius says “Agrippinilla turned out one of the very worst of the Claudians–in fact, I may say that she shows signs of outdoing all her ancestors and ancestresses in arrogance and vice.” (220)

The chapter concludes with building tension between Tiberius and Germanicus. All on Tiberius’ side. Germanicus is a pretty easy-going guy.


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