I, Claudius, Day Eight, Chapters 23-26

March 19, 2008

Chapters 23-26

Sejanus. I really dislike this guy. But at least Sejanus doesn’t seem to think of Claudius as a threat. So he’s not out to get him. And he’s inadvertantly (I think) giving him tips on how to stay alive.

Plauticus. Doomed. Urgulanilla. Scary. Very scary. Poor Apronia. I bet she didn’t know what she was getting into when she married Plauticus. Aelia. The new wife (or wife-to-be) of Claudius. Still scary, but I think probably less scary than his first wife.

Chapter 24

Livia vs. Tiberius. Who can out-spy who. Very silly really.

Chapter 25

Claudius’ dinner with Livia. He drinks A LOT. He’s brave enough to eat. Imagine facing Livia and Caligula at the dinner table. The discussion? Good because it’s so evil. Villains always (at least in books) like to spill their guts, reveal all the horrendous things they’ve done and gotten away with. It was entertaining to say the least. And I’m glad Claudius got some answers. In return, she wants Claudius’ support in getting her deified after she’s died. Caligula promised. But she wants his support of her goddess-making, and his support of Caligula. She has learned via prophecy that supposedly Claudius is the one who will avenge Caligula’s murder. And also that Caligula will be the next emperor.

Chapter 26

Tiberius goes into self-exile outside Rome. He begins to lose it. His mental stability (if it ever existed) is weakening by the day. He’s suspicious and paranoid and a bit freaky. Easily spooked. Quick to kill.

Livia is dying. Claudius is the one at her bedside. Tiberius does not honor his mother’s will.


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