Days 10 & 11; The Host; Chapters 50-55

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Day 10: July 28th. Discuss Chapters 50-54 (pp. 506-558   )
As “homework” to read between 7/28 and 7/30 read 559 – 619 (Chapters 55 – epilogue)

Day 11: July 30th. Discuss chapters 55 – the epilogue (pp. 559-619)
Share closing thoughts and final impressions.

My thoughts on the rest of the novel…

Her “sacrifice” good idea or bad idea? I like that she’s willing to teach the humans–her friends and family–how to remove the Souls from humans without killing either of them. I like how most–especially Doc, Jared, Ian, Jamie, and Jeb seem more than willing to go along with her plan. To send the removed Souls to worlds far, far away where they can do no harm.

I feel Wanderer is a bit more helpful to the group–as a whole–than Melanie could be. And if she did sacrifice herself, it would be a definite loss to the group.

Wanderer does know that she couldn’t be happy in another host. That is now that she’s tried on being human, she doesn’t want to be a spider or a dolphin or a plant or a bear or a bat or whatever. It’s human or nothing. And since she now feels that having a human host is murder, then she feels to die–to commit suicide in a way–is the only option for her.

I’m glad she was outsmarted.

What are YOUR thoughts on the rest of the novel?

Did you like that Wanderer is put in another human host? Did you think it weird that Melanie helped pick out a body for her former Soul? Liked that Melanie got Jared and Ian got Wanderer? A bit too predictable? Satisfying?

Would you be interested in reading a sequel to The Host? I hear there is one in the works.

Would you recommend the book? Why or Why not?

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  1. I read The Host and I loved it. I thought it was a great book and I would definitely recommend it for everyone.

    I don’t like the body that they choose for Wanderer it makes her look kinda useless and she has so much potential that she deserved a better body.

    I Loved the ending, who doesn’t love a happily ever after, thats the whole point to reading novels.

    I look forward to the sequel, if there is one I think it will have a totally different plot it will probably something to do with the other group of humans they found. Or perhaps Wander and Ian get pregnant imagine a baby half human and half alien.

  2. i was so eager to find out how things got resolved after Wanderer decided to sacrifice herself that i was actually reading in the car (which gives me motion sickness). i really couldn’t see a way for a “happily ever after” ending – so i was quite satisfied with the ending. (in retrospect, i guess it should have been predictable, but i was just going with the flow – and enjoying it!) i will definitely read the sequel, assuming that happens.

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