Day 8, The Host, Chapters 40-44

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Day 8: July 23rd. Discuss chapters 40-44 (pp. 408-456)
As “homework” to read between 7/23 and 7/25 read 457 – 505 (Chapters 45 – 49)

Just as a curiosity, I’m wondering how many of our participants have already finished reading the book? Are any of you behind in your reading? Any planning on trying to catch up? I’m not in a rush. Don’t get the wrong impression. I’m just trying to judge how good OR how awful my schedule was. There were days when the reading seemed much too long, in my own opinion, then there were days where it seemed manageable because Meyer’s pacing was better. So if you’ve had difficulty keeping up, don’t feel bad about it. Don’t blame yourself. I’ve had trouble keeping up with my own schedule that I’ve set.

If I’m being honest this is really the first time reading it that I *wanted* to read ahead so much that I couldn’t stop myself. I read about two more chapters than our assignment called for. Then I gave into the sleepiness.


To catch up, Jamie is injured. In this chapter, Wanderer/Melanie discovers THE BIG SECRET that Doc and Jared and Ian and Jeb, etc. have been keeping from her. Doc has been experimenting on removing Souls from their human hosts with very very very bloody results. To say that Wanderer is heartbroken and outraged is an understatement. This is the lowest we’ve seen her.


Melanie retreats during this time. Ian tells her–after about three or four days of intense mourning–that Jamie is sick–very sick with an infection.


Wanderer missing Melanie asks Ian to kiss her, to coax a response out of Melanie. When that doesn’t quite go as planned, Jared steps in. That does get quite a response out of Melanie.


There’s nothing to be done for Jamie. Wanderer *must* find a way to save him. She decides to go on a raid with Jared. The others are against it, but Jared is on her side for once.


A bit bloody there for a bit. I don’t know many people who’d have the guts to injure themselves just to save someone else’s life. She must have a high tolerance for pain or an incredible love for Jamie. Or maybe a bit of both.

But she does arrive, and she does get in to see the Healer. She is able to steal what she needs for the group, for Jamie.

What do you think of this one? Exciting? Intense? Are you liking it? Loving it? Only so so?

What do you think of Jared? Of Ian? What do you think of the romance?

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