Day 7, The Host, Chapters 35-39

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Day 7: July 21rst. Discuss chapters 35-39 (pp. 358-407)
As “homework” to read between 7/21 and 7/23 read 408 – 456 (Chapters 40-44)


The funeral is over. Wanderer/Melanie wakes up to find that Kyle is about to be put on trial for her attempted murder. Wanderer, saint that she is, doesn’t want him punished. She still sees herself as the person to be blamed. Ian is such a GREAT guy in this chapter and in this section.

Do these people surprise you? Can you understand where they’re coming from? Which reaction is the more typical, the more natural?


Jared tries to get close to Wanderer/Melanie. He seems to believe her now. And he’s acting sorry for his past jerkiness.


Ian and Jared fight over Wanderer/Melanie.


Ian mentions to Wanderer that he’s falling for her. Not Melanie. But her. Of course there’s no separating the two. Jared wants Melanie and not Wanderer. And Ian wants Wanderer and not Melanie.


Another scavenger/raid. And Jamie comes back injured!

I know a few of you have finished this one already. I’ve seen a few reviews go up. I would still welcome your participation here if you’ve got the time and energy. And you can post your link to your finished reviews at some point too.

Are you liking Wanderer? Liking Melanie? What about Ian and Jared? Which guy do you want to win the girl?

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