Day 5, The Host, Chapters 25-30

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Day 5: July 16th. Discuss chapters 25-30 (pp. 244-312)
As “homework” to read between 7/16 and 7/18 read 313-357 (Chapters 31-34)


She joins in with the community. She’s beginning to feel a bit more at ease with the others. Of course she’s not super-comfortable. She doesn’t think she belongs necessarily. But some of the tension has eased certainly. And now it’s more than just Jamie and Jeb and Ian that are welcoming and accepting.


She begins “teaching” the others about her kind, about the Souls, about the various planets she’s been on. The different hosts her kind have taken.

The men return. The ones who had been out scavenging for food and supplies. They are NOT happy to see Wanderer/Melanie outside of her prison cell. Not happy to see everyone so smiling, so relaxed, so at ease with an alien in their midst. They just don’t get it how a few weeks could make their friends, their family, their neighbors so changed in how they view the situation. Have they lost their minds? How could they forget that she’s not like them. She’s alien. She’s different. She’s THE enemy. Kyle is upset. But Jared is equally upset. He almost decides right then and there that she MUST be killed. Luckily, Jeb and Jamie are able to talk him out of it. But talk about tense!!!


Wanderer/Melanie returns (in a way) to her prison. But now her prison is storage. So she’s not quite back where she began out. The internal debate begins with Wanderer/Melanie as to if it’s better for Jamie for her to fight to stay alive, or if he really is better off without her. Her death would be the end of Melanie after all. Yet she can’t give Melanie back her body. They’re a package deal. And Jamie seems to be fine with that. And most of the others don’t know Melanie is even there. (Jeb does I think.)

Jared is once again a jerk. How could he treat Jamie like that? And we’re supposed to like him?


Wanderer/Melanie finds reassurance with Jamie and has a nice chat with Ian. Jared is still a jerk.

The big “secret” going on has something to do with Doc. She’s not quite sure what it is. But the reader can put two and two together and guess that it might have something to do with experimentation on souls/hosts. (After all, Wanderer was threatened with becoming an experiment and now Doc is locked away busy in work and the others are all hush hush.)


And this is where it gets tricky tricky. Jared “tests” Wanderer/Melanie by kissing her. What is that supposed to prove exactly? If Melanie is not in there then he’s kissing “the enemy” and if she’s in there what is the proper way to show that it is her responding to his kiss? Melanie responds with anger. She punches him. The scene is very violent. And no one is really happy. Jared. Melanie. Wanderer are all angsty here.


Wanderer/Melanie must have passed some sort of test. Now Jared is beginning to believe that Melanie is still alive. Melanie is too angry, too hurt, too betrayed (by whom???) to show herself. She’s left Wanderer for the moment.

More teaching.

Walter. Visiting him, her dying friend. Wanderer seems more human than ever.

So what do you think? Liking it? Loving it? Can’t put it down? Don’t want to pick it up? Too predictable? Just right? Satisfying? What do you think of Jared? Of Kyle? Can you see where they are coming from? Or are you on the side of Jeb, of Jamie, of Ian? Do you think it is the stories themselves that are working this magic on the community? Or is it the storyteller? Is there something about Wanderer that is just likable?

Share your thoughts!

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  1. Yeah, I didn’t like Jared at all, and couldn’t understand his appeal. He’s such a jerk! I thought Wanderer was an enjoyable character – but I wonder if it’s her, or the effect of having Melanie still inside her.

    This is when the book started picking up for me. I’m still really digging the Jamie/Wanderer/Melanie relationship.

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