Day 3, The Host, Chapters 13-18

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Day 3: July 11th. Discuss chapters 13-18 (pp. 118-180)
As “homework” to read between 7/11 and 7/14 read 181 – 243 (Chapters 19-24)

It is this section, in my opinion, where the action really starts. Here where readers are most likely to become “hooked” (if they haven’t already). Did this section change your mind at all about the book? I know a *few* of you weren’t hooked yet by day one and two. Were indifferent to the book really…not seeing what ‘the fuss’ was all about.


Wanderer/Melanie is found/lost/and found again. Uncle Jeb was kind enough to leave her with a canteen of water. But she wakes up to find herself alone. In this narrative section, Meyer begins using “we/our” for really the first time. I certainly didn’t notice her using it earlier in the book. The bond between Wanderer and Melanie is really beginning to cement. They’re beginning to think of themselves as one now. As wanting and needing the same things now.

Uncle Jeb returns with a bunch of men (okay I think the number is eight). They’re all armed and wanting to kill. The argument doesn’t seem to be if they’ll kill her but when they’ll kill her. Jeb is for waiting. The others seem to want it done now. A few want her to become the doctor’s plaything–an experiment.

Mention of a secret that Wanderer is keeping from Melanie.

They take her back to the underground caves where they live.


Wanderer/Melanie sees Jared. Wanderer loses control of her body there for a few minutes. Melanie can’t seem to grasp the concept of how much the humans hate her now that she’s been compromised. They, the humans, don’t realize that Melanie is still there, still alive, still very much active.

The debate as to what to do with it goes on. Notice how the alien is an “it.”


Wanderer/Melanie is a prisoner of this group of rebels resisting the aliens, the Souls. Jared is her guard most of the time. But she still sees Jeb now and then.

Her life is in danger. A few men (Kyle, Ian, and someone else I believe) do try to kill her despite Jared’s “guarding” her and “fighting” to protect her. She wants in the fight. She doesn’t want Jared to be hurt because of her. She wants to protect him. He can’t grasp that. The situation is not looking good until Jeb intervenes. Kyle has a broken nose now (I think it’s broken). And Melanie is very bruised up by this point.


Wanderer/Melanie’s future is placed into the hands of Jared. She is his to do what he will with. He can give the order to have her killed. He can give her to Doc. Or he can decide to let her live. Her fate is in his hands. And he’s not that happy with that decision. But Jeb is the boss.

In this chapter and the next one, she’s led to the rooms of the cave system where she can take care of personal business–the latrine area and the bathing area.


The most important bit of this chapter is that Wanderer/Melanie gets reunited with Jamie. He finally learns that she’s alive and being held prisoner. He wants to speak with her. She’s ecstatic to see him alive. But she knows that her being there is causing him some pain too. She doesn’t quite know how to let him know Melanie is still there. She knows or thinks she knows that the others would never believe her.


She’s still being guarded. She’s doing a lot of thinking. She learns that there have been Souls out looking for her. In particular she learns that the Seeker–her Seeker–has been out and about trying to track her down. She’s not going to give up easily. The others have stopped. But she’s still trying to find her. She overhears a conversation between Ian and Jared. Ian is the one who realizes that Wanderer is frightened and scared.

The two want answers from her. This is the first time she’s really been asked to talk.

But we don’t get to go there just yet.

So what do you think of it so far? Is it getting better? Moving faster? What do you think of this underground community? Of Uncle Jeb? Of Jared? Of Ian and Kyle? Does the humans reactions surprise you at all? Think about it. The person you love, the person you know is right there in front of you. But and it’s a big but. They’re now ALIEN. Now OTHER. Now the ENEMY. Could you accept that the person you loved was really gone from that body? Would you be able to kill them? Melanie thinks that if the situations were reversed–if she was still safe, still human, and if it had been Jared or Jamie captured that she would never be able to see them as the enemy, never be able to kill them. Do you think that’s true? I have a feeling she’d definitely never be able to hurt Jamie. He’s like a son to her.

Melanie now realizes that Wanderer has feelings for Jared. That her love/desire for him is different from her own. Melanie can’t quite understand–and I must admit I’m a bit confused too–how a “worm” or “insect” can fall in love with a human. How a species so different, so very other, could have feelings for a human.

Melanie also gives Wanderer her first compliment.

Are you finding the book interesting?

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  1. Yeah, the action does start to pick up here. Is it just me, or does anyone else picture Uncle Jeb like the father/uncle guy (the fat one with a beard) from the TV show Dukes of Hazzard? He just seems hick-ish, especially for a conspiracy theorist. It still hasn’t hooked me like I’d like it to (okay… I did manage to finish it, but I stopped for a few days around chapter 16)… I do think Ian is one of the more interesting characters (I don’t think he’s made his transition yet, has he?) in the book, though. The rest are pretty much stock characters: love interest, brother, man-in-charge, doctor, people who hate her, etc.

  2. Ian is one of my favorites in the book. I’m also of the persuasion that Wanda (the name Wanderer will at one point choose) isn’t the *best* possible choice. (No offense intended if you happen to know and love a Wanda.)

  3. Hear, hear. Wanda is such a boring name. I understand how they got it, but it sort of feels, well, lame, for such a dignified soul.

  4. I hated that Meyer’s picked the name Wanda…seriously…why not just leave it at “Wanderer”? They seemed to like it and be intrigued by it, not turned off. I have an aunt Wanda and she’s a hick, so maybe that’s why it doesn’t work too.

    The book definitely picks up here…even more so as it goes on and more discoveries are made. Here’s my thing with this book. There are parts (5 page parts) that are “oh wow!” parts and then there are just pages and pages of just getting to the next “oh wow” moment. With all that said, I’m still really enjoying it.

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