The Worthing Saga, Day 8, Chapters 16-18

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The Worthing Saga
by Orson Scott Card
Day Eight
Chapters 16 – 18

We’re still in the short story section. Still in the ‘Capitol’ section. I must admit that chapter 16 “Breaking the Game” is probably one of my favorite short stories in this latter half. How do you think this compares with the version of the story we read earlier in the novel? Which do you prefer? Why? Does the fact that in this version–the original version–that Abner Doon is Herman Nuber’s grandson add significance? Does it make Doon more human? I tend to prefer this version.

Chapter 17 “Killing Children” — What a mother?! Did you like this story? Dislike it? I admit that except for some funny lines by the social/mental health workers about the mother…that I had a hard time connecting with this one. I guess I didn’t ‘get’ the symbolism of eating and sacrificing babies. It was just freaky to me. Really really creepy.

Chapter 18 “And What Will We Do Tomorrow” — I didn’t *love* this story either. I mean it was slightly interesting to find out about Mother, the ruler of Capitol. To learn more about the decaying of the society, the government. We do find out a teeny bit more about Abner, however. What do you think?

These six chapters, these six stories, showcase the world that Abner Doon “destroyed.” Do you think it needed to be destroyed? Do you think that Doon was ‘the devil’ or ‘the savior’? Why do you think society remembered him so harshly, so cruelly?

There are only three chapters–three stories left. I hope you’re still enjoying this one!

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