Day Seven, Life As We Knew It, Chapters 18-19

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Life As We Knew It
Day 7
Chapters 18-19

Chapter 18
This chapter starts off amazingly cheery. It’s December. It’s Christmas time. They’re finding reasons to be thankful for what they do have.

They decorate the clothes line and have a “horizontal Christmas tree.”

Carolers on the street.

Christmas. Miranda calls it “the best Christmas ever.” More food than usual. Presents. Recycled presents mostly. But it is the thought that counts after all. Miranda gets a new journal (a diary) and Mrs. Nesbitt’s watch.

Scrabble and schoolwork. Singing. Decorating the sun room. Practicing on the skis so they can get around outside.

January 5th. A hint of danger.

The chapter ends with Miranda being worried.

Chapter 19

“They’re sick.” (294)

January isn’t starting off so good. January 10th. Mom shows sign of being sick. Jonny and Matt soon follow suit. And when Miranda goes to the hospital she finds something worse. It’s practically deserted. It’s no longer guarded. Doctors and patients alike are dead and dying. The flu. An epidemic that hasn’t really been seen in such widespread terms since 1918. This is big news. Peter is dead. He died a hero. But dead is dead as far as Miranda can tell.

January 13th. What a scare! Miranda is the only one well enough to react. What a strain physically and emotionally and mentally to be responsible for three people. She handled it all on her own. Did what needed to be done. Trusted her instincts. This shows how much she’s grown, she’s changed.

January 21. People are starting to feel better. To recuperate. But she’s having to feed them three meals a day to get them there.

Miranda is now in charge and doing all the work, making all the plans.

Matt can’t even go up 4 steps on the stair case. He can barely walk without exhausting himself completely.

Just curious…has everyone finished up??? It seems a good many have. If you haven’t finished, that’s okay too. I know I sped up the postings because most people were ahead of schedule if not finished completely 🙂 I’m hoping everyone will come back to say how they liked it! There is only one more posting to go…the last two chapters. I’ll be posting it tomorrow.



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  1. Christmas was great I liked how they all came together and made it special. The carolling in the street was really magical. I think even if the world was ending you would behave like this because you need something to cling to.
    Then we were plunged back into crisis. When Mum, Matt and Jon all got ill it really showed how Miranda had grown up and changed. She really rose to the challenge. I could understand her desire not to be left alone to be the last one. That really would be the worst thing I think.

  2. I liked the balance of desperateness and joys. Even when not faced with a desperate situation, life is a combination of the two.

    I finished this book in one big gulp; it was so darn good!

    I want miranda in my class at school!

  3. I loved how the author handled Miranda at Christmas. She turned out to be such a caring daughter. When the book took a turn and everyone was sick, my heart sank. I knew everyone was going to die and this was going to be just like THE ROAD. I was sooooo upset, but by then, couldn’t stop reading either.

  4. I loved Christmas too…I have to say that it got me a little emotional. It was great. The flu scared the crap out of me too! I didn’t think they were going to make it out of that one and I thought for sure that at least one of them were going to die. I was so relieved when they pulled through even though it’s sad that Matt’s having problems walking up the stairs. And yeah…I finished this about 2 days after I started it :p

  5. Christmas Caroling – Seeing other people. It’s sad that people are so protective they don’t trust anyone. No one can come in the house to see what other people have because they are so afraid that someone will take what they have. How about meeting at Mrs. Nesbitt’s or someone else’s abandoned house or even the post office? Just to see other people and to talk.

    “I never knew I could love as deeply as I do. I never knew I could be so willing to sacrifice things for other people. I never knew how wonderful a taste of pineapple juice could be, or the warmth of a wood stove, or the sound of Horton purring, or the feel of clean clothes again freshly scrubbed skin (287).” I wonder if the world turns back to normal if Miranda will look on this time fondly and ever want to go back there.

    Does the snow mean the climate is changing? After the first torrential rain they didn’t have anymore and now it is snowing. I wonder if that means it will rain in the spring?

    Oh no! Miranda’s family is sick. The hospital is useless and Peter is dead. All that energy wasted skiing there for nothing! I feel for Miranda – when I was her age I thought I was the bearer of bad news to my Mom, but Miranda really does have to deliver all the bad news. First Mrs. Nesbitt dieing and now Peter! Poor Peter. How lucky that Miranda feels well enough to take care of everyone!

    And if things couldn’t get worse the wood stove starts smoking! How did Miranda know what to do I wouldn’t!

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