Life As We Knew It, Day Four, Chapters 9-11

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Life As We Knew It
Day 4
Chapters 9-11

Chapter 9
First sentence: I woke up this morning thinking, I’ll never see Sammi again. I’ll never see Dan again. I am so scared I’ll never see Dad again. I don’t know how I’ll survive if I never see sunlight again. (156)

Bad tempers. A visit with Megan. And Jonny’s birthday.

Chapter 10
School. To go or not to go that is the question. It remains unanswered in this chapter. Miranda wants to go, in a way, but the high school that is remaining open is ‘scary’ in that it is so far away. And the elementary school that is a bit closer, well, she’s not sure she’s going to feel comfortable there either. But she’s planning to try.

In this chapter, Miranda realizes that the town doesn’t have police anymore. Or firemen. Everyone is on their own. The hospital is the last ‘service’ available and it’s really hard to get in. It’s the one place that still has electricity at the moment. Of course there is the post office as well. And that’s important for finding out information and receiving letters. But it’s not really much. The library is another public place. It’s still open two days a week. But again, town has become dangerous to go through especially on your own. So they don’t really make the effort often.

Chapter 11
Miranda tries school at the elementary school location. But is told that there are too few students there and that they want them to go to the high school location. Miranda knows she doesn’t feel comfortable with that, so she picks up textbooks for herself and for Jonny. Homeschool it is.



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  1. I had a problem with the school thing. The world is kind of coming to an end…at least how we know it…and teachers are going to teach for free? There is no food, heat and they are going to teach hungry, cold children? I don’t think so…of course, I asked Steve (hubby) this question and he said he knew of some state worker who would show up for work…it’s their life.

    Maybe…nah! I don’t think so…lol!

  2. I’d have a problem as a student or a teacher in *wanting* to go to school. Even when the world is not ending, it’s the rare teen who is excited to be going to school. But when the world is so messed up, when survival is on the mind, when there is so much going wrong and so little going right, I wouldn’t want to go to school at all. You couldn’t make me!

    I’d be more inclined to do the studying-at-home thing. But only the subjects I wanted to. And probably not every day. It would give you something to read, something to do with yourself to keep your mind active.

  3. I wish Megan didn’t get caught up with such a kook for a minister. His thoughts that the world is the way it is because of sin…especially the sin of a 16 year old like Megan! I can’t believe that Megan is going to dies because she doesn’t eat due to the garbage he is filling her head with.

    How sad that Miranda is stressed out about eating 4 cookies!! (165) – by the way it is rainy and chilly here and I just want to make some cookies after reading this!

    I am surprised that so many parents are letting their kids leave? I am on Mom’s program. If I was in this situation I would have a hard time letting the kids go to the post office by themselves! I certainly wouldn’t want them to be so far away! I would want to spend my last days with my family.

    Interesting that Matt hasn’t mentioned going back to school at all.

    Library possibly closing – say it isn’t so!!

    I was disappointed that Miranda didn’t get to go to High School. I think she needs some normalcy and new friends. I think she is going to have a hard time getting motivated to study at home. In the same circumstances I would – well I might study Psychology, but not Math or English. If there was a Literature class I would have been all over it. I was a little upset with the school doing the switch on Miranda. You would have thought they would have had it more together. That the powers that be would have surveyed the teachers and split them up better. I think th at Miranda needs to go to school to beleive that things will be normal again. That possibly one day she will go to college and use her education.

  4. I can understand Miranda wanting to go to school, just to have some time out of the house doing something ‘normal’. I wouldn’t have wanted to go to the High School either after witnessing what was going on downtown. Although, if I was the Mom I would not want my kids going out at all, although a lot of the other parents were hoping they could send their kids to school to get fed. I wondered why they thought the school would have food when no one else is getting food. I was glad Miranda got the pencils and papers from the school so she could keep up her diary. I can’t imagine thinking about schoolwork and studying though, in such a situation, and it’s hard to imagine that anyone at all would be showing up for work at the school. As I read along, I keep expecting someone to rob the family for their food and supplies. I hope that doesn’t happen.

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