Becky’s Online Reading Group–Questions

April 29, 2008 at 2:31 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Have questions about the “online reading group“? Just ask!!!

How do I participate? I’ve signed up…now what? I will let you know about the next book several weeks in advance. I’m hoping that all of my choices will be available to you through your local library. But I will often let you know what the book costs on Amazon–just in case you’re so inclined. I get nothing from Amazon, by the way, I’m not trying to sell you a book. I just like to sell people on reading! A few days before the book begins, you might want to start reading. Most times the reading is 30 to 50 pages. Some might think that is one day’s worth of reading and start the night before. Others might want to take a few days. If you want to comment on the first day though, you’ll want to have read the first section before the official start date. If you want to wait to read it that day and post the next day, that’s fine too. (See below). Essentially your participation comes through comments. You can opt to post about the book, about the reading experience, on your own blog if you have one. But you’d need to come to my blog to post a comment with that day’s link. Otherwise, join in or participate through comments. Share your thoughts. I appreciate honesty. You can love, hate, like, dislike, praise, criticize, whatever.

Do I have to participate on the assigned days? No. You can, of course, but post whenever you have finished the reading for that day. It can be in the interim between assigned reading days, or it could even be a few days later. Even after the next “reading” day has gone by. The purpose is to hear back from you.

What if I get behind? If you get behind, don’t give up. Just comment on those posts as you get to that chapter. It doesn’t matter if you’re behind schedule. I’m still interested in what you have to say! I’d rather have you a day or two (or even a week) behind schedule, than for you to give up and drop out.

What if I start the book and hate it? Do I have to keep going? That’s up to you completely. Your comments (or posts if you blog about it on your own site) can be as negative as you like. But if you seriously hate a book and don’t want to waste your time, then drop out if you must! I’d rather you do that than come to hate me by association ) I’m not going to *force* you to read anything!

What if my copy is back due at the library before our discussion schedule is “finished”? If you don’t want to renew–and I wouldn’t blame you if you don’t want the hassle–then you can always finish it ahead of schedule. You might want to jot down a few notes about the chapter(s) if anything strikes you as being outstanding–either good or bad. The number of notes you might have to take will vary. If you think you can retain it for a week or two, then none may be necessary. Otherwise, jotting down a key idea or two might help.

What if I read really quickly? What if I finish that month’s book in two days? Do I have to “slow” my reading down just to participate? If you want to read at your own pace, feel free to do so. Just comment when you can! Take a few notes if necessary. But basically just retain enough to let your opinions be known as we go along.

How can I suggest a book for the group to read? Is Becky open to suggestion? Is she easily influenced? You can always email me with your ideas on what to read next, AND your ideas on how to improve the group overall. I am always, always wanting feedback. Always. So email me with your thoughts and suggestions.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Becky! I’ve never been in a reading group before, and frankly have been a bit intimidated because I just didn’t quite know how they worked.

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