Day Two: Looking for Alaska: 101-Last Day

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Looking for Alaska by John Green (2005)

One hundred and one days before  – the last day (roughly 51-133)

Today’s readings cover the fall/early winter of Miles’ school. He’s got friends. He’s got his classes. Everything seems to be going really well. Miles even meets a girl. A girl named Lara. It’s not love at first sight. But both want to go out with someone, and they find each other just as likely a candidate as anyone else. She sorta likes him. He sorta likes her. But of course he’s still lusting after Alaska, one of his best friends who already has a boyfriend.

More about the labyrinth (54)

Miles’ first date. His concussion. The after-effects. Oh my.

Miles’ decision to stay on campus with Alaska for Thanksgiving instead of going home a week.

Alaska and Miles’ adventures while everyone is away. Exploring other students rooms. Going porn hunting. Finding out everyone’s little secrets. Making devilish, mischievous plans for pranks.

Thanksgiving. Spent with Colonel and his mom in a trailer.


Pranks and Pre-Pranks

Great Perhaps reference (103)

Drinking. Best day/worst day game.

Alaska’s secrets start to come out.

The blow job scene that makes this book challenged in some places. (The whole toothpaste tube thing.)

More drinking. Playing Truth or Dare.

Miles and Alaska make out. She’s very very drunk.

Alaska wanting to escape, wanting to drive away from it all.

No one stopping her.


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