Day Eight: Sense and Sensibility: Chapters 35-37

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It seems like its been days instead of hours since I read these chapters. (I read them last night right before bed.)

Chapter 35

Elinor hates Mrs. Ferrars. That’s good news I suppose. She always thought she’d be cranky, now she knows for sure that having her as a mother-in-law would be a nightmare. (They’d need Dr. Phil for sure.) Elinor does resist the urge to slap smug little Lucy. I’m really hating her. Lucy that is. Lucy is so sure that she’s won the hearts of Edward’s mom and sister. (As if they have hearts). This makes what is coming that much sweeter.

Chapter 36

Mrs. Charlotte Palmer has a baby (I didn’t even know she was pregnant, I suppose it might have said but I’ve forgotten.) So the Dashwood sisters are left to entertain themselves. They are forced (in a way) to spend some time with John and his spiteful wife. It’s not pleasant for anyone. To get out of her obligations to host the Dashwood sisters in her own home, she tells her husband they MUST invite the Steele sisters to visit them. Lucy is oh-so-delightful. (To have them move from the Jennings home to their own.)

Chapter 37

Everyone learns that Lucy and Edward are engaged. Elinor can now speak freely with Marianne and eventually her mother. Mrs. Jennings and Mrs. Palmer (and Lady Middleton I suppose) never knew of any supposed attachment between the two. They can discuss this latest bit of gossip without connecting it too personally with Elinor and Marianne. After all, Lucy Steele is one of their relations. The news is not good. Mrs. John Dashwood (I believe her name is Fanny though I’m not 100% sure) has the hissy fits of all hissy fits. She really loses it!!! I hate her I do. But Lucy is so horrible and smug that she almost deserves it. Mrs. Ferrars is furious as well. She’s threatening to disinherit Edward if he goes through with the marriage. He’ll lose his pleasant, lazy lifestyle and his future inheritance. But he’s sticking by Lucy’s side. He said he’d marry her, so marry he must no matter what. The only one who really benefits from Edward’s downfall is his brother, Robert.


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  1. I enjoyed how everything backfired for Fanny and Lucy. Sometime, somewhere things have to work out right for Elinor and Marianne!!!

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