Two Polls for You!

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The first is asking when you would like to read Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer. Your two choices? April OR May. The companion novel, the dead and the gone, releases in June of 2008. (I want to have had the group read the novel by the release date.) One or two reasons might make May a better choice, but I’m leaving it up to you. (I’m good with April, by the way.) One reason is that the novel releases in paperback in May. That’s assuming that the participants want to buy the book. Which I would never ever assume. But it should be available–widely available–at most libraries anytime. The other thing which might push it back towards April is that everyone knows the other book is releasing in June. And other people might be eager to read or reread Life As We Knew It in May in celebration or preparation for the release of the dead and the gone. That being said, depending on your library, the book might be so ever-popular that it might not be on the shelves (unless you put yourself on the waiting list) anyway. Hardcover copies are available used (starting at $4.97) if anyone is interested, and as I said paperback copies are available starting May 1rst.

When should Becky’s Online Group Read Life As We Knew It?

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The second relates to the first. If the majority vote is for May, vote for which book you’d want to read in April.

If May is chosen, which if any, should be our April selection?
Looking for Alaska by John Green
Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson
April shouldn’t have a book at all

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